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vibenergy's Natural Wellness


THE ULTIMATE PROTECTION by Biomagnetic Research, Inc.

One Clear Field Plate Resonator placed in a multi-level home or office will clear that space of all ground, above ground and overhead radiations (Electromagnetic and Geopathic) such as:

  • Power Towers, Transformers, Power Sub-Stations
  • Power Lines
  • Cell Phone Towers
  • Satellite TV Dishes
  • Satellite Systems Installed in Space
  • TV/Radio Broadcast Towers
  • Smart Meters
  • Airport/Military Radar
  • WiFi Radiations (in the space and incoming from outside)
  • Geopathic Stress Zones (Hartmann & Curry Grid Lines)

The Clear Field Plate contains the Large Double Star Resonator at its core with Crystal Catalyst Technology at its center, six octagonal mirrors, and an energized silicon dish fired in a special energy field.

The Clear Field Resonator was developed by Biomagnetic Research in the year 2000 for clearing the radiation of nearby power substations and cell phone towers. Both of these sources of radiation have been shown in numerous foreign studies to precipitate cancer and ill health to nearby residents. The Clear Field Resonator alters the harmful nature of electronic and geopathic radiations. The resonator can be placed on a wall on the opposite side of a room, or on a stand, facing the source of unwanted radiation, like cell phone towers or power lines. For geopathic radiations, caused by noxious underground geologic and water source frequencies, the plate can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall. Generally, it clears undesirable ground radiations in all rooms in a house or building. The only product known of worldwide that actually clears all geopathic radiations in an entire building and alters them to beneficial.

"I have worked with the Clear Field Resonator Plate for some time. It indeed clears all harmful ground energies (geopathic zones) in the buildings I've tried it in. More than that, it seems to alter all other detectable negative energies to beneficial. In my opinion, this Clear Field Resonator is a positive breakthrough in clearing work to a degree that I've never seen before." - NASA Research Engineer, Cecil E. Nichols

PLEASE NOTE: The Clear Field Plate Resonator does not function if placed face down. If you wish to turn off the plate, place it face down. Clear Field Resonators are not intended for outdoor use. If used in a bedroom, it should be aimed away from the bed, as it may over-energize some people.

When using the Clear Field Plate, additional spot-clearing with a small resonator is suggested for technologies you spend a concentrated amount of time in close proximity to for extended periods of time, such as: computers, cell phones, alarm clocks and TVs/Remote Controls.

The Clear Field Plate measures 10 inches in diameter and can be hung on a wall (hanging hardware included) or placed on a plate stand. The Clear Field Plate comes with instructions detailing proper placement of the resonator.

SPECIAL ORDER: Production of these plates is limited. They are not mass produced.

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See description above.

Double Star Resonator in center.



Price: $320.00